Friday, October 7, 2011

For Laura

I was given a mission via facebook this morning, it was a post from a friend and it said something like this:
can someone please find me pillows for the new couch, boots that I would want wear and yet cost under $500, a ball gown, and time to study for my Adult Health midterm. Leigh Hall...the first 3 are up to you.

As these tasks are SUCH a burden for me, I of course waited all but 10 minutes to get started on them.  So here goes:

Task 1: Pillows for the couch.  Here is a photo of the said couch that I need to find pillows for.

Funny story with this couch...I grew up with it.  No, seriously.  My parents bought two loveseat sofas when I was just a baby and it has made it's way through countless moves and homes of my parents, to my home and now to it's new home at Laura's.  It has been fully restored and reupholstered and looks GORG!  And the painting and side table aren't too shabby themselves.

So, here's what I'm thinking:

via etsy

via etsy

Or maybe Mr. Peacock flanked with some more simple pillows?

I could show 8 million pillow options, so I must move on to task 2...BOOTS!

Here are the boots that I really want.  But I think the heel maybe a little much for what Laura is probably looking for.

I think these are really cool, but they barely hit the under $500 price limit:

via Zappos

Here's a steal at only $179

Onto the third, final and most difficult task...a ball gown.  The last time I wore anything close to a ball gown was probably my wedding dress.  That being said, this is a hard one for me but here is my attempt (trying to stay around/under the $500 mark).

via BCBG

This one is blurry, sorry. But you get the idea...


I'm sure this is out of the price range, but I LOVE this one (blurry too, sorry)

Maybe a little too sparkly, but I think it's pretty AND only $278

How did I do?  Laura, see anything you like? 


  1. OOh, I love the last two pillows and the last dress. And the boots with the belts at the top. :) Good finds, Leigh! And Laura, the couch looks fab.

  2. ditto to what Suz said except my favorite dress is the Badgley Mischka